The numbering of each article corresponds to that indicated in his "Curriculum Vitae, VI".
For example: "346.2004.", refers to article number 346, published in the year 2004.


23. 1981.
The Expansion of Christendom, its Crisis and the Present Moment

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Current Events in Latin America

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2. 1972.
The Appointment of Bishops in the First Century of "Patronage"
in Latin America (1504-1620)

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En: Concilium 77 pp. 113-121.





65. 2001.
The Sociohistorical Meaning of Liberation Theology.

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Future of Missions in the Third Millennium.

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36. 1986.
The Ebb and Flow Of The Gospel.
When The Evangelized Poor Become Evangelizers

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In: Concilium (1986) 187, pp. 91-100.1986 Dussel, Enrique.


33. 1986.
Towards a Clarification of Terms.

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In: Theology by the People. Reflections on doing Theology in Community,
WCC (Geneva) (1986), pp. 27-32.


30. 1984.
Theologies of the "Periphery" and the "Centre".

Dussel, Enrique.

In: Concilium (1984) 171, pp. 87-97.


29. 1983.
The People of El Salvador: the Communal Sufferings of Job.

(A theological reflection based on documentaryevidence)

Dussel, Enrique.

In: Concilium (1983) 189, pp. 61-68.


28. 1982.
The Bread of the Eucharistic Celebration as a Sign
of Justice in the Community

Dussel, Enrique.

In: Concilium (1982) 152, pp. 56-65.


00. 1980.
Christian Art of the Oppressed in Latin America.

(Towards an aesthetics of liberation)

Dussel, Enrique.

In: Concilium 152, pp. 40-52.


13. 1980.
An International Division of Theological Labor

Dussel, Enrique.

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A Conversation with Enrique D. Dussel

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18. 1979.
The Kindom Of God And The Poor

Dussel, Enrique.

In: International Review of Mission (Geneva),
220,World Council of Churches, pp. 115-130.


14. 1978.
TA Specious Alternative: The Third Way.

(The Present Temtation Of The Church In Latin America)

Dussel, Enrique.

In: The Church at the Crossroads,
IDOC International (Roma), pp. 92-98.


9. 1976.
Statement by Enrique Dussel

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5. 1974.
Domination-Liberation :A New Approach

Dussel, Enrique.

In: Concilium 96, pp. 3.4-56.



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