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The CD includes the philosophical and historical-theological work of Enrique Dussel in various languages. The digital version of these works retains the format of the printed editions in both lines, and pages. This is to say, it is possible to mention or cite any of the works, included here as if they were the originals.

To provide convenient bibliographical information about Enrique Dussel's work, this CD includes the author's Curricula which list his published books and articles in all their editions and languages (under the rubrics Books of E.D.; and Articles of E.D.,respectively). It also list theses that have been written about the work of the author (under Tesis sobre E.D.).

To see the biography of the author, please go to Philosophical Work / 00. Revista 'Anthropos'. The full Curricula provided in English as well as Spanish, and is offered in other languages in an abbreviated version.

The works presented on this CD are organized into the following sections: Philosophical Work (since 00); Historical-Theological Work (since A01); Theses on E.D. (since B01); y Articles (since C01).

We warn the reader that the CD contains misprints that have appeared in the process of scanning the original texts, especially in the accents of foreign language originals such as those in French, Greek, Portuguese, etc. In order to search this CD for the names of authors (philosophers for example), or for specific research topics, we recommend the program "Copernic" which is included on he CD. For more information including a more extensive English-language version of this CD, please visit the webpage of the author:, the website of the Association of Philosophy and Liberation (AFYL): and the CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences)

Credits: Gabriel Gonzzali Monterroso (UAM-I), Fidel Castro Martínez (FFyL-UNAM), Katya Colmenares Lizárraga (FFyL-UNAM), Jorge Zúńiga Martínez (FFyL-UNAM) y Jorge Alberto Reyes López (FFyL-UNAM).